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Question:    When does registration begin?
Answer:      Registration begins annually in May and June.

Question:    Is there a registration cutoff date?
Answer:      Cutoff date is end of June. Registrations will continue to be accepted until October, but with a late fee charge.
                    If you have never played in the league before, the late fee will be waived.

Question:   What is a work bond and why a fee?
Answer:     The Township of Edison requires that each family provide volunteer assistance to the sports leagues.
                   To ensure that all families participate, they must pay the one-time (for each family) $50 work bond fee.  A family must
                   volunteer their time to assist the league.  See complete list of activities we need help with under parent/guardian on the
                   registration form.  We are always needing hall monitors for all games and practices. A refund of the work bond fee can be
                   requested, one month after the start of the season after your child has left the league. Requests for refunds must be made
                   in writing to ETYB, PO Box 421, Edison, NJ 08818.

Question:   Do girls and boys play together?
Answer:     No, we have separate divisions for the boys and girls. Rookie division – 3rd/4th grade, Minors – 5th/6th grade,
                   Major – 7th/8th grade boys, Major – 7th thru High School girls and the High School division – 9th thru 12th grade boys.

Question:   When does the season start?
Answer:     For recreation basketball, practices begin in November and games start in December.
                   Check the website (www.etyb.org) for specific dates.

                   For travel basketball, practice starts in October with games starting in December.

Question:   When does the season end?
Answer:     The season should end late March to early April.

Question:   What is travel basketball?
Answer:     Travel teams are made up of elite all-stars that represent Edison against neighboring towns.
                   A player must try out and be selected to one of the teams that are broken down by grade.

Question:   What and when are evaluations held?
Answer:     Evaluation night is for the coaches to see what kind of player you are, in order to draft teams that will be equal and
                   competitive. Can you dribble?  Shoot?  Are you tall or short?   All players are required to go to the player evaluation
                   night.  All recreation players will be placed on a team.
                   For recreation, they are held in late October-early November.
                   For travel, usually held in late September, early October.

Question:   How many games are there?
Answer:     For recreation, there are 10 games in the regular season, plus playoffs.  All teams make the playoffs.

                   For travel, usually they can play 20 plus games a season.

Question:   How many practices a week, what time and where?
Answer:     Typically one practice a week and the location/time are decided at the coach’s discretion.  Before season games start,
                   up to 2 practices per week is allowed. Once games have started, 1 practice per week is allowed.
                   Extra practice is allowed only if there is available gym space.

Question:   What night are the games played?
Answer:     For recreation, typically they are Friday evening or Saturday.

                   For travel, it will depend on what league the coach signed the team up for. It could be any night of the week.

Question:   Do you have playoffs?
Answer:     Yes, playoffs begin shortly after the division has completed its 10 game season and seedings are set.
                   All teams make the playoffs.

Question:   What is clinic, where is it held and on what day?
Answer:     Clinic is for 1st/2nd boys & girls, teaching them basic basketball skills.
                   It is held at Stelton Community Center, 328 Plainfield Ave., Edison, NJ 08817 on Saturday mornings.

Question:   When does clinic start and for how many weeks?
Answer:     Clinic should start at the beginning of December and continue for 8 weeks.

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