Head coaches: Please provide Irene with 1 designee that can book practice time for your team in the event you are unable to.  Only the head coach or his/her designee will be allowed to book gym space.  Gym space is allotted to ETYB by the Edison Board of Ed.  The amount of practices allowable per week, is contingent on the availability of gyms.


Reading the schedule grid:

1.         The names of available schools are printed across the top.  Each school has 1 full-court (2 half-courts) available, except for Woodrow Wilson Middle School, which has 3 full courts (6 half-courts).

-          n/a means not available

-          o means 1 practice slot is available

-          o - o means 2 practice slots are available

-          assigned practice slots are designated by team numbers

examples: 12 - 52 means team #12 and team #52 are booked.

                    24 - o   means team #24 is booked, and 1 slot is still available

-          assigned game slots are prefixed by a division code (eg. B 12-16)

-          assigned playoff slots are prefixed by a double letter division code (eg. AA 1 – 4)

-          * indicates a make-up game

-          (  )  indicates a cancelled game.


2.         Booking practices:

Only the head coach or his/her designee can book practice.  Before the season starts, 2 practices are allowed per week.  Once the season has begun, only 1 practice is allowed per week.  If after you’ve had your 1st practice, you see space available on the schedule, you can call for a 2nd practice.


a.      Log on to the ETYB website (www.edisontyb.org) Follow the link to the Schedule page.  You will see a copy of these procedures.  On the top of that page, you’ll see another link to the actual schedule.

b.      Pick a slot, then email Irene @ etybscheduler@aol.com .

c.      Please know your team #, the school, date and time slot desired.

d.   Middle schools (JAMS, HHMS, TJMS, WWMS):

i.          available Monday thru Friday

ii.         3 sessions: 6:00-7:15,  7:15-8:30,  8:30-10:00

      e.   Elementary Schools (Washington, Lincoln):

i.          available Monday thru Friday

ii.         2 sessions: 6:30-8:00,    8:00-9:30


3.         Practice or game cancellations:

If schools close early for whatever reason (snow, school function, etc.):

      a.   The change will be posted on website, indicated in parenthesis, eg (B 12 – 15).

b.      I will attempt, to the best of my ability, to call or email you.


4.         The number of baskets and height for each elementary school is:




# of baskets

Height in feet









5.         Team designations:




Team #'s




Senior Boys



Major Boys


21 – 29

Senior Girls


     36 – 39

Minor Boys


41 – 54

Minor Girls


61 – 66

Rookie Boys


71 – 80

Rookie Girls


81 – 84

Travel Teams




6.         Changing a game:

Once the game schedule is set, there will be no changes except for school closures/cancellations.

The coordinator for each division will have the full schedule for the entire season.

The website will only show the schedule 1 month at a time.


            If, for some reason, you need to change the scheduling of your game:

a)     Advise your opposing coach that you have a conflict.

b)     Check the schedule for another game slot within your division.

c)      Call the coaches for that game, and ask if they would be willing to trade game slots with you.

d)     All 4 coaches must agree to the switch before I will make it.

e)     Call me and I will update the website with the switch